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Embracing the Doctrine of Obscurity & Inutility

Fabulous Matter
Ye Olde Nostalgick Essay Korner
Nothing's sweeter than the alley life:
essayist Irvin Rhodes
**jpt Absolute Gold**
Jazz Lines
Henry Blackburn:
*Lee Collins & Bing
*HB Chronology part 3
Their books will help you junk up your digs
The Night
the Chicken Coop
Blew Up
James Thumper saw it.
"#*!!, I caused it!"
As Others See Us:
Ethnick Korner
Hear the world like Grady. He's got ethno- demographer ears
Willis Quick fiction!
March of the Z-Men
spacetime &
Days of Wine & Seizures
An Thou Be Lord, Prithee Come Me Riche
Hi-brow fare for all who would be high of brow
Riptree's Believe It - Or What?
Astounding Chinese Mystery! 
Inutility-quantified & visualized at last
Where now the fools who scoffed?
Sci-Fi- Furever
Watch whatchU watch, R it'll B watching U
Unsafe at Any Time
A Vest-Pocket Life of Rafe Nadir
Gone For A Burton
Anybody here seen my ol friend
Taser Nation
They somebody fixin git popped
Commentary on jpt Commentary
Howcum when shot, they always blame the shooter?
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Jacques Caillot swordsman
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Great Beeg Stupid-Kupid
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Lurn to luv the duv that squirt yer shirt with dirt.
Face wit' grace the base who chase & mace yer race.

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Better Disavowed than Disallowed
The Readers Cry Out! Letters & PIGASUS: SIGHTING & FACTS
Vertext to Vortext
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**Coming Next**
The Mogulog
Private Letters
jpt brass
So Amazon figures if I'll buy YOUR book, I'll buy anything
Clothesline with two blowing sheets
Our Hero Pyrrho
Educational Mission
Declaration of Principles
Vol. 2 Numb 1
iss 5: Jan 4, 2008
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