Unless, say, we're running a scatology focus feature on the foulness of brothel sewage. Surely that foulness depends on the part of the country or world under consideration. Just as the foulness of the jpt screen display depends upon the area of an afflicted page being viewed. Here's our technical chief Werner Steyne Kroll with more information for those who might be seeing text garble (overlap) or be experiencing microscopic topic:

"Allo. It's really still me, Werner, same guy who wrote what you were only just reading. In Windows XP, there is a blurp called 'Page' on one of those bars at the top of your screen. Click Page, you'll see a blurp called 'Text size.' Click Text size, you'll see a blurp called 'Medium.' Use it. USE IT. My browser is set at medium and that's the way (ah-hah ah-hah) I Werner look at how things are hanging together. They look perfect to me, in these eyes. You understand. But I tried 'Small text,' and tears of Odin! everything looked as though it had only just fallen off the fin of a microfish. HAH HAH HAH! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! Then, I tried 'Large text,' and my god! the big letters pushed down into turf that wasn't theirs and really screwed up my appreciation of the job we do on this bless-ed view-n'-applaud that men call the jpt. I say men to mean women and men. You understand. Also, I say my god not to mean THE God of Abraham and myself, but in the sense of the fictional or symbolic god that we allegorically submit to: money. I'm sure that not all of you make that distinction in your minds and speech, and so, I'm sure that I won't be seeing many of you in Heaven. Because 10% of the Commandments kabosh vain references to THE NAME. Now, if you were born after, say, 1980, you're probably like, 'Who knew?' which unfortunately won't save you, but I can work with you for now. If you will do as I have suggested, maybe your jpt viewing problems will clear. I'm really not positive, so I said maybe.

"Look, if you NEED a magnified screen image, use Zoom, which is right beside Text size! Everything stays in proportion then.

"Now, many of you don't run Windows XP and might have different controls for adjusting text size. What to do? What to do, indeed.

"If I am paid more, I put more effort into learning how to program the site in a way that eliminates archaic, ignorant problems like this. To where else do you serf and have to adjust your text size for a clean view?


Werner your Friend"

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May it never be fouled by a screen display that looks like brothel sewage.
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