The Journal of Provincial Thought


Embracing the Doctrine of Obscurity & Inutility

Vol. 1 Numb 1
Nov 5, 2007
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William J. Schafer          W. Charles Smith
Ye Masthead- Journal of Provincial Thought
John Addison
Samuel Johnson, M.A., Oxon
Ben. Franklin
Samuel Clemens
Horace Greeley
Harold Ross
Arnold Gingrich

Larson E. Whipsnade
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
Capt. Jeffrey Spaulding
Wolf T. Flywheel
Edgar Sousé
Fartch Bombastric Fondlegod
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Better Disavowed than Disallowed
Fine Features
Ye Olde Nostalgick Essay Korner
See through friends and amaze your clothing!
***jpt EXCLUSIVE***
Jazz Lines
Henry Blackburn
*recalls cornet ace
....Jimmy McPartland '47 Chicago

* life's jazz chronology
* medical career cv
Revered Ancestors
Hard revelations:
Modern roots of Provincial Thought
Memories of Willis Quick
Secrets of Quick authorship unveiled. 1000's tremble.
Darwinists 6
Creationists 0

A Grand Day Out at The Creation Museum
Konspiracy Theery
Consumers fall prey
in ev-e-ry way
Days of Wine & Seizures
When Special Armies Collapse
Bloxbusted Beasties
Leftover bestsellers
Moments Musicale
You'll love what Ms. von Troppo does for music history
Homage to R Crumb
Gam exam, Pam?
Kartoon Kavalkade
Strip art was never so wackocrackosmacko
New U.S. Constitution & Supreme Court
I. Pleja Lejance
"Lipton tea and juices for all. . ."
Whizzdom of the Mystick East 
Things nobody knew about "those people"-- even them
Jacques Caillot swordsman
-Declaration of Principles
Our Hero Pyrrho
Educational Mission
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and learn to tame all misery

Colossal Guy Fawkes Night Commemorative Issue
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Prof. Saxo Grammaticus
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